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We will always have up front prices for peace of mind to our clients. Situation dictates how much we will charge for our services, the factors are timeline, amount of sellable items, state of the home, and anything else we can discuss in our inital meeting. Typically for an estate sale we will charge 30-40% of total sales, this will include staging, cleaning, pricing, advertising, and paying our staff. Things that will need to be discussed will be clean out of unsold items, we work closely with charities in the Central Texas area that we can donate unwanted items to or we can work on selling high end items that didn't sell to our network of third party buyers. We will always strive to do right by our clients and get as much revenue as possible for everyone of our estate sales.

Left Over Items

This is completely dependent on the client, if you would like us to sell items that weren't purchased at the inital estate sale we can do so and put those in another sale at a future date. Items can also be donated and itemized for tax deductions. If we have sold the majority of the items but there is still a mountain of items we will work with the client to find a solution, if a roll of dumpster is necessary it will be at the expense of the home owner/ executor but we can help facilitate the trash removal at a lower rate through our network.

Expedited Rates

We can help facilitate any estate sale timeline but it may come at a higher rate. Our expedited rates will pay our part time workers to work full time to get your Estate sale done during your timeline without skipping any of the important steps but that will either be at a fixed rate or upwards of 50% commission on total sales. 

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